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About Us

Welcome to AICWETE

We are a Non-profit organization founded in 2010 and headquartered in New Delhi India. Our mission and vision guide us in all our endeavors. We aspire to achieve the holistic development of women in society, especially the ones who belong to the marginalized sections of society, e.g. poor, scheduled castes and tribes, minorities, displaced and deprived. AICWETE, since its inception has been rendering exceptional service to the needy women in society by involving them with efforts towards building an equitable and egalitarian society. We want to channelize their potential by providing them skill based training, guiding them in areas such as legal and political aspects, microfinance and entrepreneurship. These efforts, we hope will secure women their rightful place in the society and make this world a better, just and equal space for all.


AICWETE as an organization was established on 8th June 2010, however, the seeds of the idea of setting up an organization for the development of women status in society were sown by its founder’s decades ago. It is with this extensive contribution of its founders in their own respective fields, along with their rich legacy and vast experience a shape was given to the organization which would look into women centric problems of the society. The second motive for the formation of such non-profit organization can be attributed to the condition of the women and children in India. The girl-child and women are most affected groups in the social spectrum. The organization has also been attempting to help marginalized sections of the society i.e. women and children belonging to remote villages, scheduled castes, tribes, displaced and deprived women in the urban areas with the basic needs of life.


Since its inception in 2010, AICWETE has left no stone unturned for the welfare and well-being of the women belonging to the weaker sections of the society. This is evidenced in its approach from the beginning. AICWETE not only believes in practical, field support to the affected communities, but also firmly adheres to norms which propagate better ideas and thoughts in order to provide best practices and welfare to the needy. AICWETE is proud and blessed of the fact that its leadership team has an accomplished profile and strong association with governmental bodies like National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (NCMEI). Our founder and chief patron Justice MSA Siddiqui had been the chairman of the NCMEI, Government of India, for almost over a decade. Our current chairperson, Dr. ShabistanGaffar too has headed the Committee on Girls Education, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, Government of India. These experiences have in a long way helped our organization to collaborate with government institutions and organizations to organize various programmees towards the benefit of the poor and needy.


Our mission is providing women a platform to actualize their dreams and aspirations, a space to earn their rights, liberty and dignity. We won’t stop until women’s miseries won’t stop.


Our vision is using all its resources both human and material, to the fullest in achieving a women’s dignity against all odds. We would prioritize each and every aspect of their development as per their needs and convenience.

Aims & Objective


Our Philosophy of Work

The concept of ECG is an essential tool applied by AICWETE for the planning, execution and implementation of in all its projects and plans. ECG forms the bedrock of AICWETE’s targets. These three aspects of implementing any programmego in a long way to provide successful implementation of any project or plan.


Elemental forms the first part which concentrates on the basic needs and requirements of the target group, without which all corresponding needs seem valueless. The most basic needs which come under this part are health, hygiene, nutrition, water and sanitation. These needs point to the fact that if the basic needs of a human being are not met then, no other necessities can be met. As the saying goes; ‘a healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa’, and the mind and body are not separate, what affects one, affects the other. Thus, AICWETE’s first and foremost target is providing the basic needs and utilities to the needy so that they are able to access further utilities for further growth.


Career is the second part which appears in the frame, to make it evident that once the basic needs of a human being or society are met then the next goal of guiding them with their skills and passion needs to achieve. For this they will need to be bifurcated as per their needs, capacities and qualification. This aspect will guide them through with education, skills development and provision of technological access as per requirement of the target population.


Guidance which is the final part of this tool is providing an additional help to the target population by guiding them in the right path once the first two have been achieved. Because, even if a person is mentally, physically fit, and has the required skills and qualification, however if he or she doesn’t have the right knowledge of how he/she can utilize that qualification or what aspects can hamper his-her growth, then it becomes necessary for imparting right knowledge. Under this part, legal advice, political and social rights and entrepreneurial skills are provided.

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